Hob Trade and Evonik Industries have now more than 10 years of cooperation in Egypt. By representing Evonik Resource Efficiency in the product lines ACEMATT®, AEROSIL® & SIPERNAT®, Hob Trade has gained a significant experience in the Coatings, Pharma, Food and Polymer Industries while enhancing the sales of those products through the past decade.


Orion Engineered Carbons is one of the leading producers of Pigment Blacks worldwide. Since it was formerly known as Evonik Carbon Black or as the Carbon Black Business Unit of Degussa, Hob Trade had a unique and remarkable history with Orion. Hob Trade has been distributing Orion pigment black grades like PRINTEX®, Special Black® & others in Egypt for more than a decade.



Globe Ingredients is a well-known worldwide player in the global market of feed ingredients/additives. Globe supplies products to some of the biggest premix-factories, feedmills and integrators around the world. The key products are Single Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids & Proteins.  All the products  FAMI-QS or GMP+certified factories; 100% guaranteed quality of all deliveries.




Synvamix is a reliable German speciality feed additives producer that is dedicated for high end products.  Synvamix has a wide range of liquid premixes of vitamins and minerals like SYNVAVIT® AD3E, SYNVAVIT® E-SEL, SYNVAVIT® B-K-Choline, SYNVAVIT® Ca-D3, SYNVAMIN® Shell & Bones & other products.  There is also a good range of powder premixes of vitamins and minerals under the brand SYNVAMIX®.