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Hob Trade is an Egyptian chemicals distribution sole proprietorship established since 2005. The company stemmed from Mokhtar Hussein Chemicals Group which has been operating its diverse businesses in the Egyptian territory since the early 1970’s. Hob Trade was built to have a very unique, yet simple business model and a differentiated strategy from its competitors. With the effort of its current 14 employees & its efficient management, Hob Trade was able to experience its ever lowest Cost Of Goods Sold in year 2015 although the Egyptian market has been undergoing a lot of unpredicted changes since the revolution in January 2011.

Hob Trade is moving an average of around 450 Tons each year in the Feed, Food, Pharma, Paints & Polymers industries

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Our Business Model

Vision: A reliable partner

Mission: An Idealistic Distributorship Channel

Values: Stakeholders, Knowledge, Social Awareness, Human Efforts and skills are the assets of success

Strategy: A cost effective wholesaler having a remarkable market value & providing a good employment environment combined with gradual yet stable financial growth.

What we do!

Its a simple task ........ we focus on efficiently marketing & distributing our reliable partners' products in Egypt